When I speak with bookkeeping prospects looking for a new financial services firm to help them with their business, I hear the same frustrations.  Whether they’re using a large internet firm or a local accounting firm and why they are looking for a change.

While there are several things on their list of complaints there is only one thing that truly bothers them enough to make them reach out to me:

I don’t want to be treated like just another number anymore.

These are words I can relate to having felt the same way many, many times as the owner of my real estate brokerage firm. These prospects go on to explain how there seems to be a new bookkeeper on their account every week or they never hear from their accounting firm except when its tax time.  When these business owners have questions, they only get the narrow point of reference of a staff bookkeeper. The problem, they say, is that these firms just don’t “get it”.

The firm didn’t take the time to truly understand them or their business. The underlying story here is they feel their business is a replaceable commodity for these firms.

And that is the reason they reach out to me. They want someone to care about them and their business on a higher level than a mere number in a set of books.

Every bookkeeping client is the most important person in the world.

Our clients want excellent bookkeeping services – as they should expect from any firm they work with. But they also want a professional they can “talk to” and “bounce ideas off of” and “strategize”; someone who “gets them and their business” because being a business owner can be a very lonely place.

Guaranteed, you are not going to get this type of concierge service with the big internet bookkeeping firm or accounting firms or a $15 per hour data entry clerk.

When searching for a professional bookkeeping firm, in addition to services that make your business healthy, look for someone whose been in your “business owner shoes” and understands how to provide “concierge” services to their clients because they have done it.  Look for a firm that is willing, committed, and ready to personally serve you and your business.

At Bookkeeping21, we take your business and “make it personal” by putting in our “whole self”.  As a Certified Profit First Professional Firm, we are a master collaborator with you.  As your new “business partner” we know how to harness the power of yes and make miracles happen.