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Susan Gives Me The Freedom
“Rather than spending time doing my books, reconciling my accounts and preparing monthly financial reports, Susan gives me the freedom to design award winning projects, implement innovative business strategies, and build strong relationships with my clients.”

- Dierdre, Interior Designer & Architect

 by Anonymous

Extremely Impressed With Her Expertise And Knowledge
“Having worked with and known Susan (Kirkpatrick) for over 5 years, I have been extremely impressed with her expertise and working knowledge of owning and providing the strategic direction for successful businesses..She is an inspiration to work with and always is focused on positive improvements”

- Mike, President – United Country Real Estate

 by Anonymous

I Love Having An Expert In My Pocket
“I love having an expert in my pocket! Susan has saved me countless hours of aggravation getting my business accounting in order for tax time…”

- Linda,

 by Anonymous

A Very Unique Perspective On The Art Of The Deal
"Susan's years of experience in the real estate business has helped her develop a very unique perspective on the art of the deal.  She was instrumental in helping me purchase a large ranch in New Mexico. Negotiations were extremely difficult; we were faced with some challenges which delayed closing 3 times over a 15-month period.  Susan’s calm, collaborative and focused demeanor was instrumental in keeping the sale alive.  I believe her skill, experience and principles can provide business leaders with a better understanding how to be successful during these challenging times.”

- Michael P. Plant, Executive Vice President, Atlanta Braves.

 by Anonymous

The Best Bookkeeper In The Business
"1. What was your biggest fear before hiring me? Did it come true, and if not, what happened instead? My biggest fear was not being able to get any sleep and being worried about properly handling bookkeeping records. Also worried about audits and the IRS findings for improperly handled financial record keeping. When I hired Susan and Bookkeeping21, I immediately felt a sense of relief wash over me. Initially I had reservations and trust issues because there were so many personal credentials and other information that I had to give to Bookkeeping21 in order for them to do their job properly, but again, the calm manner and the very professional approach has enabled me to lower my guards and has put me completely at ease. 2. What, specifically, is your favorite part of my service, and why is it your favorite? The favorite part is that I am not treated like a client. I feel more like a friend. Being treated as a friend is my favorite because it makes me feel that I am not just a number. I feel that I really matter to you. You have also given me some consultation that I am forever grateful for. 3. If you were to recommend me to your best friend, what would you say? I would say what I have already told many other people already. My bookkeeper is very thorough, detail oriented, a people person and she knows her stuff!!!"

- Yul B

 by Anonymous

Worth Her Weight in Gold
"Susan Kirkpatrick is worth her weight in gold, having streamlined many of the existing accounting/bookkeeping functions at Ebenezer Church, in addition to setting up new systems and procedures. She's not only a true professional and business woman, she's very easy and fun to work with."

- Peter M

 by Anonymous

Accurate Real Time Information At My Fingertips
"My favorite part of Susan's service are the notifications I get of what she is missing to complete my bookkeeping. This allows me to start a game where, knowing and figuring it out month in and month out, I can now strive to get it to her before she asks. But when things come up, like they did last month, she is there to remind me so I don’t have the wheels completely fall off. My recommendation is simple – if you want someone to take over that part of your business that is robbing you of time to do what you need to be doing so that there ARE financials to work on; then why not hire Susan who will do those items for you, and remind you when you aren’t giving her the things she needs to keep your bookkeeping always up-to-date. Believe me, I sleep better at night knowing what is going on in my business in real time."

- Ron G

 by Anonymous

Very Responsive, Great To Work With
"Susan is very responsive and a pleasure to work with. She knows QuickBooks very well and keeps accounting records up to date and organized. I would definitely recommend Susan for bookkeeping services."

- Samuel

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