What You Can Do to "Recession Proof" Your Small Business Starting In The Next 10 Minutes


What You Can Do to "Recession Proof" Your Small Business Starting In The Next 10 Minutes

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Operating Costs too High?

Hidden costs can eat away at cash. We shed light on how they really affect your profitability and what you can do to stop them.

Where Is All Your Cash?

Cash is the lifeblood of your business – and like a heartbeat it flows in a similar rhythm. Building good cash habits keeps you from suffering those random, panicky pumps that happen between sales.

What Numbers?

The numbers never lie. Define the 4 KEYS that unlock your cash and unleash your profit potential.

What Makes Bookkeeping21
Different From All The Rest?

Entrepreneurs are different, and each micro-business has particular needs. As an entrepreneur for over 30+ years and a Money Coach, my mission is to replace the heart-throbbing panic you’re feeling with the peace of cash-flow certainty. As the owner of Bookkeeping 21, I want you to understand the economic value of your business quickly, so you have a guideline for making the best decisions.

Get The Survival Guide Now!

Let’s face it, you’re a business owner and manager – you’re not a bookkeeper. Even so, you need to know your numbers! Your business grows or dies based on the numbers. With this “Special Report”, you’ll uncover the first steps on how to get the answers from your numbers, solutions to knock down those success barriers and be well on your way to building a healthy and profitable business – and a fatter wallet, too!

Bookkeeping 21 Services for Entrepreneurs and Micro Businesses

Bookkeeping is a Breeze

Bookkeeping is a Breeze!

Expert bookkeeping – from salvage to upkeep, we’ve got your back! You’ll have an easy system that is always up to date, which keeps you on track to meet your business goals.  Your books are your signposts to profits – they’re not just about compliance anymore!

Cash is King

Cash Is King!

When you work with Bookkeeping 21 Professionals, you’ll reduce your debt, have the cash to pay your taxes, finally pay yourself what you’re worth and increase profits – all with our proven cash flow management strategies.

24/7 bookkeeping Information When You Need it

24/7 Information When You Need it

We know how to run the reports you need and can pull information for you quickly, so you always make the best decisions for hiring, agent retention and performance, conversions, profit design and more.

Get your reports from any device with an internet connection (you can access your numbers with your smartphone or tablet!)

QuickStart Agent! For Your Real Estate Agents

QuickStart Profit!

Are you a brand-new startup? Our QuickStart Profits program includes setup, training, and support of QuickBooks Online or an Assessment to start building profits from your very first deposit!

Sleep Better at Night 100% Guarantee

Sleep Better at Night 100% Guarantee

Rest peacefully knowing that your business is a money-making machine no matter what the next recession throws at you. We guarantee your profitability and prosperity as you follow our “entrepreneur” tested and proven system for building profits in your business.

What our Clients Are Saying!

“Having worked with and known Susan (Kirkpatrick) for over 5 years, I have been extremely impressed with her expertise and working knowledge of owning and providing the strategic direction for successful businesses… She is an inspiration to work with and always is focused on positive improvements”

– Mike Duffy

Profit First Financial Coaching

Profit First Consulting

Profit First Money Coaching

Why do you get the leftovers? It’s your business; you should be paid first! We show you how to take your share first, without bankrupting the company. Your business runs on the leftovers. Now we’re talking Profit First!

Profit First Consulting

Happiness is positive cash flow

Cash-flow and profits are closely related, but they’re not the same. Many businesses struggle through years of losses before achieving profitability on paper, yet they manage to survive thanks to positive cash flow. How? Your business cash flow has a rhythm – like your heart. Once you understand the flow of income and expenses and how to work within the rhythm, you replace the random, heart-throbbing panic of the past with financial certainty and security that seems effortless to manage. To outsiders, it looks like you hit the lottery. Actually, it’s the logical result of planned and programmed action. We help you figure out that perfect rhythm for positive cash flow, so you wind up with a winning system.

Planning for Profit

Planning for Profit

Most businesses have an incredible capacity to accumulate fat when the owners aren’t looking. Phone bills, shipping costs, office supply expenses, marketing expense – all sorts of expenses can creep up.

To stay on top of it all, you should know what each category of expense should be, in relation to your Top Revenue (Gross Sales). It doesn’t take much negligence to allow cost creep. Controlling expenses is another way of making money. That’s why you analyze your financial reports each month. But how do you translate those reports into meaningful information you can use immediately?

We help you uncover the meaning behind the numbers, so they make sense to you and your business goals. These key facts make up your roadmap to business wealth.

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